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Customize Your Soap by choosing your own scent and color.


Spring & Summer Aromas

Breath of Spring~ Daffodil like aroma
Cucumber Cantalope~ (Yankee Type) ~ The perfect fresh blend of fresh of crisp cucumber and ripe summer melon. Top notes of cucumber, melon, blueberry, muguet, lemon and floral ozone. Mid notes of jasmine, lilac, rose and peach. Woody base notes with musk and vanilla
Creamsicle~ Smells just like the old time favorite orange creamsicles ~ brings back summer memories!
Oatmeal & Honey~ subtle blend of fruits, floral and spice. Delicate fruity top notes. The heart of the fragrance consists of delicate notes of rose, lilac, carnation, cinnamon and nutmeg. Creamy, powder and vanilla base notes.(this IS a vegan item as well, since there is no actual honey in the fragrance oil)
Mimosa~ Heady, strong true floral aroma
Southern Summer~ Sweet honey with tropical orange notes

Speciality Aromas

Arabian Spice~~ warm sensual scent of crushed clover, with a subtle hint of vanilla beans, with notes of ginger root and cinnamon-unisex.
Frangipani~~ fruity and floral combo blend of peach, grape and organe along with jasmine, rose, lilac and ylang ylang
Badedas~~ invigorating blend of lavender, fir, lemon and eucalyptus with accents of orange zest and cut grass ontop of cedarwood and tonka beans.
Moroccan Rain~~ rich oriental type with touch of spice-unisex.
Rosehips & Jasmine~~ (similar to B&BW type) ~ sweet warm musk with light floral top notes of lilac and jasmine.
Cedarwood & Sage~~ (similar to B&BW type) ~ haunting yet subtle~ balanced blend of cedarwood and clary sage, with touches of orange and violet on top of a musk- unisex.
Coconut Lime Verbena~~ (similar to B&BW type) ~ citrus bouquet with soft floral undertone on a background of musk and sandalwood.-unisex.
Elixir of Love ~~ sweet jasmine blend with undertones of exotic musk and african violets.
Relaxation ~~ full bodied yet warm floral bouquet with light fruit tops and a smooth musk background- unisex.
Stress Relief ~~ calming blend of lavender and sage, with a hint of peppermint and star anise.-unisex.
Chamomile Comfort~~ blend of Roman, English and Blue Chamomile.-unisex
Island Orchid~~ mix of rose, geranium and jasmint notes
Mystery Mandarin~~ citrus highlighted with basil, rose and ylang yland on a musk base.-unisex
Patchouli Embers~~ heady mix of Indian Patchouli, bergamot, sandalwood and musk.-unisex.
Rice Flower & Shea~~ similar to B&BW type
Vanilla Lavender~~ Sweet creamy vanilla scent with lavender hints
Patchouli Raspberry~~ musky patchouli with tones of sun ripened raspberries.
Woodstock~~ as if we need to describe this, but a great combo of Sandalwood, Patchouli- unisex.

Basic Aromas

Banana-Remember those banana Popsicles? Just like that!
Blueberry~~Summertime fresh
Bubblegum ~~All time fav!
Floral Apple Orchard ~~ Blend of lavender, oak and apples
Cherry Almond ~~Playful combination of fresh cherry and almond
Christmas Eve ~~compared to Victorian Christmas scent
Christmas Kitchen ~~combination of sugar cookie, coconut, pineapple, orange
Chocolate ~~Everyone knows what this smells like & tastes like too, but don't eat these chocolates
Coconut ~~Take a much needed "beach get away"
Cucumber ~~another true scent, light and refreshing
Dragon Blood ~~like the flower, great scent!
Fir Balsam ~~Just like a real Christmas Tree
Frankincense & Myrhh ~~
Fruitpunch ~~ self explanatory--all time favorite fruity aroma!
Grapefruit-Just like a fresh sliced pink grapefruit
Grape~~ Smells just like grape soda
McIntosh apple ~~Just like the real thing
Hawaiian Pikaki ~~combines the full bloom of jasmine, muguet and orange blossoms with nuances of white peach, bergamot and wild berries. One whiff of this scent and your hooked
Holiday Spice ~~similar to bayberry but with a hint of citrus
Holly Berry ~~wonderful for holidays or anytime~~just like the real thing
Hot Apple Pie ~~smells like a warm apple pie straight from the oven!
Island Breeze-Feel the ocean mist on your face with this one!
Island Christmas ~~combines key lime notes, fir balsam and citrus!
Jasmine~~ True southern floral scent
Key Lime Pie-Enjoy a FL favorite no matter where you are- juicy tart aroma of real key limes with a touch of sweetness in the crust.
Kiwi ~~Tart aroma, just like the real fruit
Lemon ~~self explanitory-fresh tart lemon
Lilac ~ exactly like a lilac bush in springtime
Lily of the Valley~~light and floral, perfectly blended, all-time fav.
Lime ~~smells like the real thing!
Mango Tango~~Tropical Fruity Smell~~ like Victoria Secret's discontinued mango
Nag Champa ~~Like Indian incense-hints of germamium, vanilla, rose and patchouli
Oakmoss ~~ a classic~ prized for both its staying power and the earthy, foresty note it imparts..a Unisex scent
Orange Blossom ~~smells like an orange grove full of blooms on the trees
Papaya ~~Juicy Sweet Aroma
Passionate Kisses ~~Victorias Secret Type~Sweet and fruity! Not perfumey
Patchouli ~~ this is a true 70's scent, the woody, not the floral
Pear ~~Sweet aroma --smells like the real thing
Peach~~ Sweet Georgia Peach
Peanut butter ~~so delicious, you'll want to eat it! But DON'T! Creamy smooth aroma
Pineapple ~~Just like the fruit!
Raspberry ~~Vine ripe raspberries
Riviera Sun ~~Victorias Secret Type~ A wonderful, warm scent reminiscent of the French Riviera. Changes ever-so slightly each time you take a whiff!
Sticky Bun ~~Smells like the real thing-fresh baked cinnamon buns!
Strawberry ~~Straight from the strawberry patch
Sugar Cookie ~~smells like the real thing!
Sweet Orange E.O ~~remember those orange creamsicles!
Sweet Temptation ~(Victoria's Secret Type) ~~heavy on the tropical fruits like mango, citrus & light on the florals
Tart Cranberry ~~
Tender Rose ~~Your search for the perfect rose is over! The floral essence of an endless pallet of colors
Vanilla ~~All time Fav & Must Have!
Watermelon ~~Juicy succulent watermelon

leaf green
tie die
neon pink
neon purple
silver shimmer
gold shimmer
pink shimmer
emerald shimmer
purple shimmer
plum shimmer
bronze shimmer